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  • What are Star Points?

    Star Points are the first and only mobile-based loyalty network in the country. With no registration fee, all customers can earn Star Points which are redeemable at a constant face value of Rs.1 per Point across the entire network & partner merchants
  • How do I earn Star Points?

    Star Points are awarded for all reloads and bill settlements made to any Dialog connection at a rate of 1%. (Corporate and enterprise connections are excluded) Club Vision customers will be awarded a higher percentage based on the Club Vision category on their primary number. Supplementary connections will be awarded 1%.
  • What can I do with Star Points?

    • You can transfer the Points within the numbers under the same NIC.
    • You can donate Points.
    • You can redeem Points at Star Points partner merchants against the bill or claim them against a discount.
    • You can use your Star Points to reload and settle your Dialog payments.
  • Who are the partner merchants that I can earn Points at?

    Cargills, DSI, Hameedia, Mangala Textiles, RV Fashion, SASA Footwear
  • Who are the partners I can burn Points at?

    Please refer for further information
  • What are the other merchant offers?

    Please refer for offers or check offers available for you via the MyDialog App, Genie App or by dialing #141#
  • Do my Points expire?

    Yes, you need to maintain a balance of 100 Points at all times. All additional Points can be used for redemptions, donations, and bill payments. Points that are older than a year will expire in Two Expiry Cycles within a year which is every June and December.
  • Where can I check my Star Point details?

    You can check all the details and offers via the My Dialog App, Genie App or by dialing #141#
  • Can I earn Star Points even if I don’t have a Dialog connection?

    Yes, if you have registered through an exclusive partner (Cargills, DSI) through a non-Dialog mobile connection, you can earn and burn Star Points similar to a Dialog customer.
  • Can I earn Star Points on a corporate/enterprise connection?

    No. corporate and enterprise connections are excluded from this facility.
  • Can I allow anyone else to check my Star Points details through their My Dialog App?

    Yes, you can authorize this yourself. You will receive an OTP to your mobile and through verification, you can grant them access to view and transact on behalf of you from your Star Points wallet.
  • Can I assign a mobile number, not registered under my NIC, as a nominee number to earn Star Points for my Mobile/DTV/LTE/CDMA/WiMax connection usage?

    No, the number must be under the same NIC
  • Can I assign my company mobile number (owned by my employer) to earn Star Points for my Dialog connection?

    No, the assigned number must be under your NIC even if it has your details updated as the care of the owner.
  • If I have two or more mobile numbers under my NIC, can I nominate one number to earn Star Points from the other connections?

    Yes. To do this, you will need to have all your numbers added to the My Dialog App or be able to confirm the SMS PIN sent to the respective numbers
  • How do I nominate a mobile number to earn Points for my Mobile/Dialog Television/LTE/CDMA/WiMax connection if I do not have the My Dialog App?

    Request nomination via the Dialog Contact Centre (1777) & visit Front Line Outlet. Even if you don’t add a nominee number, you will still be awarded Points to your account number.
  • If I have both a Dialog and non-Dialog number, can I nominate the non-Dialog number to earn Points?

    No. If you have a Dialog mobile number registered under your NIC, you are not allowed to nominate a non-Dialog number
  • If I change my Star Points nominee number, what happens to the existing Star Points on the previous nominee number?

    They will remain the same, and you may redeem Points as per the usual process
  • Can I assign a nominee number for all connections under my NIC via the My Dialog App at once?

    No, you are required to assign nominee numbers to each connection separately
  • Can I earn Star Points for device purchase?

    No, Star Points will not be awarded for device purchase. Effective date from 29.01.2022